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Curious things about our new home and community

A few snippets and photos from our new home and what is like to live here:

buying fresh tortillas just about across the street, 2 for a Lempira

rain that is so loud on our tin roof that we can not even talk across the table during a storm

the many smiles and greetings that we get when we take Guillermo David out and about

the crib is extra protected- a mosquito net for mosquitoes, cups of liquid on each leg for ants and strategically placed to avoid leaks in the roof

washing clothes in the washer and hanging them to dry makes us feel very fortunate and sad when we see our neighbors carrying a bucket of water 5 blocks

getting used to new sounds: chickens, dogs, gun shots, buses, a traveling circus that was nearby for 2 weeks

getting to walk to work and eating lunch together at home

having youth stop by to say hello

observing the creative systems our friends have to trap the water from the gutters

after meeting a lot of people at the assembly last Sunday, we are running into more people we know on the street

Guillermo checks out Los Pinos from our roof

Our wash area, complete with a security gate, provides fresh air for the back of the house

Guillermo David gets his daily bath with bottled water as tap water is unsanitary

Spending time with friends in the hamaca in our back hallway

Our street

Entrance to our apartment

Favorite mode of transportation as there are few places to use a stroller

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3 months

We have a big boy!

still in 95% for height at 25.6inches
still 90% for weight at 15 lbs 4 oz
50% for weight by height (meaning he is well proportioned, not too fat or too skinny)

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2 months

Time flies… sometimes!  Guillermo David turned 2 months old yesterday.  He celebrated with some shots at the dr’s office.  He weights 13.5 lbs and measures 24.8 inches… like a 3 1/2 month year old according to the doctor.  So he is a big boy!  My arms, shoulder and back would agree-he is heavy to carry around.  Here are some more stats and pictures:

Favorite activities: eating (every 2-3 hours still), chatting with mommy and papi, looking at the toys hanging from his play gym, kicking his blankets off when he is going to sleep, pooping! (and now crying, but that probably isn’t his favorite, he just does it a lot!)

Favorite places: mom’s chest for sleeping, papi’s shoulder when he has gas, bouncy chair and play gym for awake time.




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one month

Yesterday we all celebrated one month of Guillermo David’s life as well as surviving one month of parenthood!  Hooray!  For reals-the first month is rough, but also amazing.  We have made it through getting all of his feeding figured out-it took about two weeks to get him to be just breastfed with no other supplementing or help.  Currently we are working on sleeping and he has not quite figured out what day and night mean.  We got him a bouncy chair with the hopes of keeping him up and awake more during the day.

Yesterday we had a Valentine’s Day lunch with the Jimenez family and then stopped by pricemart and then went to the dr for his one month check up.  We (especially me) were excited to learn that he is a big boy- he has gained 4 lbs and 6 cm in one month.  Of course I would be glad to see him growing under any circumstance, but the fact that he his 100% breastfed makes me feel very accomplished and proud.  Here are his one month stats: length 58 cm, weight 11 lbs, head circumference 38 cm.  This puts him in the 90-95% for height and weight.  He is also going bald, slowly, via a receding hairline!  Here are some pics of reading with dad:

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These overalls are size 3 months, but they fit him pretty well.  So adorable!



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Having a baby makes you appreciate things that money can’t buy:


free time




success in breastfeeding

your mom

a baby who knows night from day (and sleeps accordingly!)

getting out of the house on a regular basis

an awesome husband

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