am i having a mid-mid-life crisis?

In the last week I have changed to a new blog, put highlights in my hair, and cut my hair into a new style.  What is up with that?  I think sometimes I find myself wanting to make an outward change to represent inward change that is already happening.  Luckily, the blog change is not as regretable or as permanent as the highlighting.  Let me say this, if you are ever considering highlighting your hair and are not really ready to commit, just don’t do it.  I am already researching remedies to help me return to my monochome color.  Kudos to my husband for being gracious and nice and never telling me that he really liked my hair better the way it was.

Speaking of my husband, we are about to pass the 6 month mark!  Which is also why I chose this photo for the header of my blog.  I snapped this pic at a wedding I attended more than a year ago.  The girl was in the wedding and the boy was wearing the typical childhood dress up outfit: nice shirt, but I’m still wearing my tennis shoes.  Why?  This photo says so many things about the way I feel right now: Young, but also an adult.  Unique and independent, but also married.  Me, but living in Honduras.



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3 responses to “am i having a mid-mid-life crisis?

  1. Sue Strom

    When am I going to see the new doo?


  2. So…it’s not a mid-mid-life crisis….it’s a quarter-life crisis. Look it up….it’s very interesting!

  3. Hola mi amiga Anna! Soy Krista de la casita! He tenido mucha curiosidad todos estos anos sobre que mis amigos de Portantorchas estan haciendos.
    Felididades en la boda!
    Estoy muy feliz a saber sobre tu blog, ahora puedo leer lo que haces! Gracias a Marquito y tu articulo en su blog!
    Yo tambien tengo un blog. Y un hijo, y un esposo!

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