bearing witness to their existence

Some of you may not know about a new project that I have been working with.  It is a partnership between Puerta al Mundo (the local Honduran NGO I have worked with a lot), a group from the states called Institute for Orphan Advocacy and IHNFA (Honduran Institute for Children and Families… the gov agency here that takes car of abandoned children, foster care and adoptions).  The project funds local team of lawyers, social workers and psychologists to sort through the paperwork and red tape for children found the child welfare system.  We advocate for these children so that they do not grow up in institutions.  We want to see them in families, whether it be re-unification with their birth family or adoption into a new family.  The project is only a few months old and already we have handled more than 200 cases and seen 5 children moved to the adoption committee.  In a system that is overcrowded and under-resourced these children usually end up falling into the cracks-nobody fights for them!  We can now say we see their cases, we know their situations and we are witness to their needs, they are not forgoten!

We had a great visit from some leaders from IFOA and also some individuals interested in getting involved in the project.


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