road trip to the wild west

Yesterday was a national holiday so, we went to Olancho to visit Guillermo’s grandparents and to spend some time at the family farm.  We went with friends Walter, Gisela and my sister-in law, Carmen Gabriela.

First we stopped in Punuare, where Guillermo’s dad’s family is from.  For the first time I saw what I had only heard about: men wearing pistols on their belts.  I only saw one, but it was still exciting.  We visited with Guillermo’s grandpa, aunt and uncle.  His Grandma was in Tegucigalpa with another aunt.  I used the bathroom at the house, which they informed me did not have a curtain across the door, but it was fine because it was “just us”.  No problem for me, until I sat down and realized the outside door was wide open and the next door neighbors, anyone on the street etc had full views of the bathroom.  Ni modo.  Oh well.  We were lauging about this later in the car, and Guillermo said, “Are you going to blog about that?”  So here you go.

After we left Punare, we stopped on the road for a picnic lunch next to bridge and a beautiful yellow flowered tree.  20 minutes later, we were in La Vega.  We have a few cows that live there, including some little twins that were recently born.  We napped in the hammocks, had coffee and tortillas with quajada cheese and opened a watermellon.  It was hot, and there were  A LOT of flies, but it was really nice.  Guillermo had gone for a walk down by the river but then Don Chilo brought a couple horses down and so he got on one and was riding through the river and back towards the house.  He had his running shoes on and didn’t want to get them wet when they rode through the river, so he took his feet out of the stirrups and started lifting his feet up… which spooked the horse… in the middle of the river…. which led to Guillerm falling straight into the water!!  Luckily, he had given the little camera (not my baby, the digital SLR) to Walter.  Walter got a picture of the action, which I will post later.  Un-luckily, his wedding ring came off in the river.  😦   I took my turn to ride, on the other horse, of course.   We left La Vega around 4 and had an un-eventful ride back to Teguc.

Here is the day in pictures:



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4 responses to “road trip to the wild west

  1. So sad about the wedding ring. 😦 I hope it wasn’t a custom one!
    Still, would love to see the pictures of the spill! 😉

  2. Sue Strom

    I loved the pics. The same thing happened to Uncle Paul’s ring when he was first married. He lost it swimming in a river.

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic adventure!!! So sad about the wedding ring. LOVE the pictures and can’t wait to see more 🙂

  4. Hi Anna! I love stopping by your site and reading your words and seeing all of your beautiful photos!

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