new garden

This week, Guillermo has been in Lempira and Gracias for work.  I have had lots of time for organizing (we are almost done, since we moved a couple weeks ago), cooking and reading.  In our new apartment, we have a little patio with a garden box on one side and there is a small box off the window in the dinning room.  Yesterday I cleaned out both of them, went to a greenhouse down the street and planted what I bought.  I have flowers in the garden boxes and herbs in the planters.  Gardening is soooooooo much easier in the tropics than in the dry Rocky Mountains!

patio garden box

The patio garden box needs some more plants, I will keep you posted.

garden 002

garden 003

Herb garden: thyme, rosemary, chives, oregano, basil

garden 004

The little window box.  Poor thing probably won’t get that much attention, as we usually have the curtains closed and it is hard to access through the window.  As you can see, there is construction happening right outside our house.  They are putting cement in the parking area and also finishing a house next door.  I was a little shy to take a picture of my garden in front of the workers.  However, I am not complaing about the construction mess and noise because our apartment was a God-send, right when we needed it.  We were desparate to get out of our other place because it had a mold problem.  This is a good price and it is a good location, closer to people from our community, which is nice considering the instability right now.

In other news, Mel is on his way back, still.  For the last week or so, Mel threatens everyday to come back to Honduras to reclaim power.  Supposedly, he is near the Nicaragua  border, so maybe he is for reals this time.  This weekend, I am doing a mask project with the jovenes at youth group.  This week we will make the masks and next week we will decorate them.


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  1. Put up pics of the youth group project when it’s complete!

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