we are crisis

we are 24/7 news

we are constitutions, oligarchy and institutionalism

we are cowboy hats, white t-shirts, face masks and fatigues

we are strikes, curfews and cadenas nacionales

we are a golpe de estado

we are tension, stress and anxiety

we are grafitti

we are polarized

we are fighting on the internet

we are mourning

we are two dead youth

we are thousands sleeping on the ground and hungry for food

we are everything is ok

we are UN, OEA and ALBA

we are quick go home because Mel is coming

we are pastors and cardinals and civic leaders

we are the poor and the rich

we are gorileti

we are in Costa Rica in our pajamas

we are afraid

we are remembering the past

we are negotiating, posturing and manipulating

we are CNN, HRN, Radio Globo, Canal 8 and TeleSur

we are teachers, unions, students and political parties

we are in our homes, we are on the streets

we are militarized

we are hearing helicopters circling the city

we are watching games and telenovelas while everything breaks loose

we are with out electricity all Sunday morning

we are the cuarta urna

we are theology, socialism and capitalism

we are comunists and golpistas

we are peace and democracy and the military

we are two presidents

we are canceling trips and not making plans

we are living in Honduras, where there is no peace without justice.


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