We got away this weekend for our anniversary to Amapala.  We had considered what would be the best destination and decided against the North Coast because it is too far away for just one weekend and also the price.  Amapala is 2 hrs away to the south.  You park your car at the dock and take a 2 minute boat acorss to Isla de la Tigra.  While it was nice to get out of the city and we enjoyed the beautiful natual surroundings of the beach and the islands… Amapala was also a little depressing.  It is an area that is in an extreme economical struggle.  Every person we encountered who worked in the tourism industry was desperate for our business.  We stayed at the “nicest” hotel on the island, yet they didn’t have mantequilla which is a staple of Honduran food and they didn’t have milk for the coffee in the morning.  Sometimes I just want to get away from this reality, for a break, but you can see how that is hard.  This teaches us how to take “inward” breaks and have disciplines like joy, celebration, solitude and rest that we practice in the midst of chaos and poverty.

amapala 148

amapala 146

amapala 139

amapala 123

amapala 092

amapala 082

amapala 075

amapala 070

amapala 062

amapala 055

amapala 052


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