so far, today

6:30 am Snooze beeping alarm
6:50 am Awake and call Guillermo in La Esperanza to say good morning
6:55 am Quiet time
7:05 am Up, shower, breakfast
8:00 am Leave for work (no strikes today!)
8:29 am En route to work, get a call from one of my co-workers saying that she had arrived to the office, but now they were kicking us out because IHNFA is back on strike
8:40 am Change route towards a coffee shop, wait fot he rest of the team
9:15 am Team arrives
9:15 am-11 am Meet with team in order to advance in work, even though we can’t be in the office. Make plans for an investigation we are doing for the Inter Amrerican Development Bank about children who are not under the care of their parents.
11:15 am 2 blocks from coffee shop, have to turn around because a wall of soldiers is coming up the hill, blocking traffic. I guess I won’t be running x, y and z errands I had for that part of town.
11:20 am re-route to another bank to cash paycheck
11:45 am Cash paycheck, pay vehicle registration
12:00 pm Haircut!
12:40 pm 2 blocks from the salon, the streets are totally militarized… I guess that means more changed plans
1:00 pm head home for the rest of the day


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