taking the words out of my mouth

(Another excerpt from the book quoted in the previous post)

I have been thinking a lot about war, violence and pacifism lately, so I skipped ahead and read the chapter in the book by Fred Bahnson on peacemaking.  His opening sentences could sum up my experience lately:

I haven’t always been a pacifist.  I was once part of the vague majority of Christians in America who knew Jesus said we’re to love our enemies, but believed that doing so was “unrealistic.”  I thought Christians could, at times, use violence in the defense of justice.  I lived that tension between Jesus’ command and what seemed to be a matter of “responsibility.”  Questions plagued me: Isn’t it wrong to “allow” innocent people to be killed if we can prevent it, even if that means killing the assailant?  What about the Nazis?  Jesus didn’t really mean love all your enemies, did he?


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