weekend with friends

We have had a good weekend, that would be great, but I have had a horrible cold.  I got a bad cold last Tuesday and today it is finally getting better.  Friday night we had our small group at our house.  10 for soup, bread and apple spice bars makes a cold night warm.

Saturday Guillermo played soccer for an hour or so and I rested and got ready for our next guests.  The Yanes (Anibal, Yadira, Abigail and Jose Anibal) are our good friends.  Guillermo and Anibal work together.  We have spent a weekend at their house and so this was their turn to visit us.  We had Mexican enchiladas for lunch and Saturday and also a little scavenger hunt for the kids.  Later they went to a birthday party while we went to youth group.  On Saturday night we went to a concert of the Honduran Philharmonic Symphony downtown.  I don’t have pictures from Saturday because I was too sick to think about much else.  Sunday we slept in, had a nice big breakfast and then walked all over the Hatillo before we had lunch and they headed home.


Jose Anibal

He is quite the talker

Yanes family at Pinares

Little buddies

At the overlook

Amigos del alma

Dad and daughter

Jose Anibal balances


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