strange accents

Buenos dìas, I´m currently in Mexico City.  I´m here coordinating the annual new staff training for Servant Partners in Latin America.  Sounds glamorous but it isn´t.  I am staying with fun people though.  The group is made up of one family from New Zealand, one from Zimbabwe and several people from Mexico.  In the core group there are 4 adults and 5 kids.  My days consist of errands, childcare, accounting, cleaning and hanging out and getting to know people.  I am here for a total of 3 weeks, going back to Honduras on Feb 5… not that I am counting the days!

In other news, Hondruas has a new president, Mel is now n the Dominican Republic and before I came I had a root canal and cavity and sinus infection!  yikes


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  1. Rachie-Cakes

    oh come on, your life is soooo glamorous : )

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