Coming out from blogging absence…

We’ve been busy!  Just got back from 3 weeks in the states.  Just before that, Guillermo was traveling a lot.  He also changed jobs and is now working for Servant Partners.  We are excited, but it is a big change.  We will be working full time in the Los Pinos neighborhood.  We will move there in the first part of next year after the baby is born.

Speaking of baby-time is flying!  I already have 6 months.  We also found out it is a boy and we are naming him Guillermo David.  Now that we are back from our trip and in the 3rd trimester, I feel like my focus is changing.  At work I’m all about tying up all loose ends for smooth transition.  At home I’m all about the nesting-getting his room ready, cleaning etc.  We still have to find/choose a hospital for the birth and we want to take a birth class as well.  We go back and forth between moments of “I can’t wait, I want to meet him now!” and “Oh my gosh, we are having a baby, how will we know what to do?!”

I’ve been feeling quite well- a lot of energy the last week- I’m probably in the window of energy and nesting before I get too big and tired.  Tired/sore back and heartburn are my biggest problems right now.  I did well on the trip, considering we spent 2 weeks at 8,500 ft altitude, traveled on 5 flights, 2 metros, 2 trains, and a rental car.

I’ll post some highlights and photos from the trip soon.


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  1. Gary W

    Congratuations on the impending arrival of Guillermo David. Parenthood is such a blessing! I noted that you will soon be working and living in Los Pinos. I’ll be coming there for the first nine days of April with a small group from my church (outside Seattle). We’re helping with a school construction project for a church there called Camino Nuevo. All this said, it would be great to meet you then (as a fellow Christian and fellow former Coloradan). Blessings to you and your husband!

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