postcards from the road

A few highlights from our trip…

Guillermo climbed Long’s Peak with my dad- North Face/cable route!  They had a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky

We got to see beautiful aspen trees


We spent time with the Kim family in San Jose, CA

We saw my Grandpa and Great Uncle, whom I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

Farmhouse where my great-great-grandfather was born in Hollister, CA

We from San Jose, down Highway 1, stayed in Morro Bay and ended up in Ventura to stay with the Hodges (no pics with them, sad)



We stayed with Guillermo’s aunt and uncle in Sierra Madre, CA



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3 responses to “postcards from the road

  1. Kay Bottoms

    Hi Anna,
    I just wanted to pass along that the daughter of friends at our church is now with Servant Partners. She has done the Phillipines and is currently in LA. It’s a small world! It really was great to see you in September!

  2. Randy Raun, MD

    Guillermo and Anna,
    My wife, Shirley, and I are interested in keeping in touch and learning more about your “Aventuras en Honduras.” Please put us on your email list/support team. Let us know how your pregnancy is going. As a Family Physician, practicing for over 20 years, including OB deliveries and caring for the newborns, I have many fond memories of helping young families with their firstborn experience. If I could be of any help with health/medical questions, I would be happy to be an additional resource for you both.
    We are expecting our first grandchild in June, which was just announced by our youngest, Rebekah and her husband, Ben, the day we returned from Honduras.
    In Christ,
    Randy and Shirley

  3. Randy Raun, MD

    Hi again,
    Just checking to see if my message from earlier today got through? It vanished while it was still “awaiting moderation.” I new at navigating the WordPress system.

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