counting down

I think this is what they call nesting: spending most of your day cleaning and organizing the house, getting ready for the baby, the feeling of wanting everything to be in order before he arrives….  Today I got his room all cleaned out and everything put in its place (the second didn’t take long, he doesn’t have lots of stuff).  I’ve washed and put away what clothes he does have.  I’ve made a list of things to take to the hospital for all of us.  I’ve made a list of things that we still need to get.  Tomorrow we are picking up a hand-me-down crib, I can’t wait!

Currently I’m at 33.5 weeks- only 6.5 to go!  At my 32 week appointment, he was supposedly measuring around 4.5 lbs… not too big, not too small.  We decided to have him at a small, Adventist hospital in Valle de Angeles- a small mountain community 30 min from the city.  It is very quaint and friendly, not like the big-city industrial hospitals we had previously visited.  We know the pediatrician there and I’m now seeing the OB who works there for the rest of my appointments.  The third trimester has been uneventful- backaches, heartburn, being tired, my big belly getting in the way, getting some iron supplements, peeing every 10 minutes.  We are so thankful for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy!

Here are a few pictures we recently took:

I’m off to see if I can clean up my toe-nails, we will see if I can reach!



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2 responses to “counting down

  1. So exciting! Best wishes with everything!!!

  2. Nana

    Grandma got her passport back, so we are all ready to go. I know the time will pass quickly for us, especially with the holidays coming up. I know you want it to go fast as well, but pregnancy is a special time and it is a very short part of your life, so enjoy it. It will be over soon enough.

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