Guillermo is building a changing table for the baby- his first major carpentry project and a chance to use his tools.  I’ll post some pics when it is done.

We are still waiting for Guillermo David to make his appearance.  His due date is not until January 11, so not to worry.  It is hard to stay mentally prepared for “it could be today” and “it could be January 18” at the same time.  One thing that has encouraged me is this article, which I came upon.  It looks like babies need as much time in the womb as possible.  I do feel a lot of women want to be done with pregnancy at 37 weeks when babies are generally considered full term.

We have been laying low around the house this holiday season.  I basically finished work on the 23rd (minus some work via email that I am still doing).  We had traditional Honduran Christmas dinner on the 24th with Guillermo’s family and then a Christmas breakfast (my preference) on the 25th with just us.  I made homemade cinnamon rolls and they were delicious!


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  1. So exciting! Happy New Year and many blessings!

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