one month

Yesterday we all celebrated one month of Guillermo David’s life as well as surviving one month of parenthood!  Hooray!  For reals-the first month is rough, but also amazing.  We have made it through getting all of his feeding figured out-it took about two weeks to get him to be just breastfed with no other supplementing or help.  Currently we are working on sleeping and he has not quite figured out what day and night mean.  We got him a bouncy chair with the hopes of keeping him up and awake more during the day.

Yesterday we had a Valentine’s Day lunch with the Jimenez family and then stopped by pricemart and then went to the dr for his one month check up.  We (especially me) were excited to learn that he is a big boy- he has gained 4 lbs and 6 cm in one month.  Of course I would be glad to see him growing under any circumstance, but the fact that he his 100% breastfed makes me feel very accomplished and proud.  Here are his one month stats: length 58 cm, weight 11 lbs, head circumference 38 cm.  This puts him in the 90-95% for height and weight.  He is also going bald, slowly, via a receding hairline!  Here are some pics of reading with dad:


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  1. Great Grandma Goff

    Looks like it was a good bedtime story, he is asleep. GD is growing so fast he is out growing his hair!

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