2 months

Time flies… sometimes!  Guillermo David turned 2 months old yesterday.  He celebrated with some shots at the dr’s office.  He weights 13.5 lbs and measures 24.8 inches… like a 3 1/2 month year old according to the doctor.  So he is a big boy!  My arms, shoulder and back would agree-he is heavy to carry around.  Here are some more stats and pictures:

Favorite activities: eating (every 2-3 hours still), chatting with mommy and papi, looking at the toys hanging from his play gym, kicking his blankets off when he is going to sleep, pooping! (and now crying, but that probably isn’t his favorite, he just does it a lot!)

Favorite places: mom’s chest for sleeping, papi’s shoulder when he has gas, bouncy chair and play gym for awake time.





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2 responses to “2 months

  1. He is so sweet!!!! I might be biased, but I think mixed babies are definitely the cutest!

  2. Corinne

    Hi Anna!
    I was thinking of you recently and thought I’d try to find you online. Yay for blogs! Congratulations, and it looks like you’ve found yourself a little adventure to live. Enjoy!

    PS – caring for babies does get easier…and then they get their molars…

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