Welcome Guillermo David!

Welcome Guillermo David!  Our son made his appearance on January 14, 2011 at 1:50 pm.  Here is a summary of his birth: My first contraction was at 3 am- it woke me up from a solid sleep!  It was 2 days after his due date and I had had a really hard time going to sleep that night with the worst case of restless legs.  The contractions were about 10 minutes apart and I had a little blood, so I knew this was probably the real thing.  We waited to call the dr at 5, after the contractions had been consistently 10 minutes apart.  For those two hours we tried to sleep and rest.  The dr said to come in and get checked at 6 at the clinic in Tegucigalpa.  Of course when I got up and showered and finished packing, things slowed down.  That ended up being true for the whole labor: when I walked around, things slowed down, when I layed down, things moved faster.  We drove down to the clinic and the dr checked me, I was at 4 cm!  Better than I expected because I was at 0 only a couple days before.  We went up to the hospital in Valle de Angeles, stopping for some coffee along the way for Guillermo.  We checked in at 8.  The morning was pretty mellow- I was in between walking the halls and laying in bed.  I felt pretty comfortable most of the time-only in pain during the contractions which were manageable.  By noon I was around 7 or 8 cm and the dr broke my water.  At 1 they took me to the delivery room.  Guillermo was with me the whole time and was a great support!  He watched the birth and accompanied Guillermo David to the nursery for clean up.  All in all, labor was easier than I thought and delivery and pushing were harder than I had imagined.  The little guy came out screaming and was in great shape. He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and measured 20.5 inches.


Here are some pictures from his first 3.5 weeks of life- he has changed so much already!  My mom (Nana) and my grandma visited for 10 days.  They were a huge help and we had a great visit.

1 day old


Little cutie pie!


1 week old

2 weeks old

Little soccer star! (3.5 weeks old)


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only missing one thing…

…the baby!

Here is a quick tour of Guillermo David’s room.  I think it as turned out so cute!  The great thing is that most everything you see here is gifted or loaned, we have been so blessed by friends and family!  We found out yesterday at the Dr. that the latest he will be allowed to come is the 19th.  If I make it to 40 weeks (next Wed), I will get an ultrasound and see how things look.  If they look good, I’ll be allowed to go to 41 weeks.  If conditions are not adequate or he doesn’t arrive by 41 weeks, he will get an eviction notice.  I’m having a few more signs of early labor, so hopefully he will come around his due date.

Everything came together so cute and matching!  I found the fabric to make a cover for the couch at a fabric store after almost giving up on finding an already made sheet set.

This is the changing table Guillermo made- it turned out awesome!  A friend is making the cushion to go on top and we will find some little shelves to go underneath to hold diapers etc.  Our good friends Jose and Karla stopped by to drop off the curtains that Karla made.  They match great with some bedding I got at a baby shower in CO.

Need a little inspiration?  These are on the bedside table: a card someone gave me that I loved, a Che Guevara figure that Guillermo had, and 2 kids Bibles (not pictured).  The card says: “Just when you think you know Love, something little comes along to remind you just how Big it really is…. a beautiful little baby.”

His crib is one that many in our church community have used.  The original family’s kids are now in high school, but they have passed the crib from one family to the next.  Its previous user was Guillermo’s cousin’s daughter.  She (Jessika) is also the one who made this awesome mosquito net!  Living here we see year round bugs, so most babies use some kind of a net over the bed.  She put her finishing touches on the white net, adding the top cover and button decorations.  The poster on the wall is something Guillermo got from his dad when he was little, it says “Daddy, thanks for sharing your life with me because from the first moment, you wanted us to be friends.”  So special!

Close up of detail

Suitcase for hospital-check.  Car seat-check.  Diaper bag-check.  The cute calendar is from Tia Carmen.

His closet is organized and ready with clothes, diapers, blankets, bath stuff and more.  We’ll have to hang his welcome sign too.


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Guillermo is building a changing table for the baby- his first major carpentry project and a chance to use his tools.  I’ll post some pics when it is done.

We are still waiting for Guillermo David to make his appearance.  His due date is not until January 11, so not to worry.  It is hard to stay mentally prepared for “it could be today” and “it could be January 18” at the same time.  One thing that has encouraged me is this article, which I came upon.  It looks like babies need as much time in the womb as possible.  I do feel a lot of women want to be done with pregnancy at 37 weeks when babies are generally considered full term.

We have been laying low around the house this holiday season.  I basically finished work on the 23rd (minus some work via email that I am still doing).  We had traditional Honduran Christmas dinner on the 24th with Guillermo’s family and then a Christmas breakfast (my preference) on the 25th with just us.  I made homemade cinnamon rolls and they were delicious!

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counting down

I think this is what they call nesting: spending most of your day cleaning and organizing the house, getting ready for the baby, the feeling of wanting everything to be in order before he arrives….  Today I got his room all cleaned out and everything put in its place (the second didn’t take long, he doesn’t have lots of stuff).  I’ve washed and put away what clothes he does have.  I’ve made a list of things to take to the hospital for all of us.  I’ve made a list of things that we still need to get.  Tomorrow we are picking up a hand-me-down crib, I can’t wait!

Currently I’m at 33.5 weeks- only 6.5 to go!  At my 32 week appointment, he was supposedly measuring around 4.5 lbs… not too big, not too small.  We decided to have him at a small, Adventist hospital in Valle de Angeles- a small mountain community 30 min from the city.  It is very quaint and friendly, not like the big-city industrial hospitals we had previously visited.  We know the pediatrician there and I’m now seeing the OB who works there for the rest of my appointments.  The third trimester has been uneventful- backaches, heartburn, being tired, my big belly getting in the way, getting some iron supplements, peeing every 10 minutes.  We are so thankful for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy!

Here are a few pictures we recently took:

I’m off to see if I can clean up my toe-nails, we will see if I can reach!


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postcards from the road

A few highlights from our trip…

Guillermo climbed Long’s Peak with my dad- North Face/cable route!  They had a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky

We got to see beautiful aspen trees


We spent time with the Kim family in San Jose, CA

We saw my Grandpa and Great Uncle, whom I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

Farmhouse where my great-great-grandfather was born in Hollister, CA

We from San Jose, down Highway 1, stayed in Morro Bay and ended up in Ventura to stay with the Hodges (no pics with them, sad)



We stayed with Guillermo’s aunt and uncle in Sierra Madre, CA


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6 down, 3 to go

6 months (in Sierra Madre, CA)

Guillermo David at 28 weeks- so cute!  I love that little nose and what looks like a little grin

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Coming out from blogging absence…

We’ve been busy!  Just got back from 3 weeks in the states.  Just before that, Guillermo was traveling a lot.  He also changed jobs and is now working for Servant Partners.  We are excited, but it is a big change.  We will be working full time in the Los Pinos neighborhood.  We will move there in the first part of next year after the baby is born.

Speaking of baby-time is flying!  I already have 6 months.  We also found out it is a boy and we are naming him Guillermo David.  Now that we are back from our trip and in the 3rd trimester, I feel like my focus is changing.  At work I’m all about tying up all loose ends for smooth transition.  At home I’m all about the nesting-getting his room ready, cleaning etc.  We still have to find/choose a hospital for the birth and we want to take a birth class as well.  We go back and forth between moments of “I can’t wait, I want to meet him now!” and “Oh my gosh, we are having a baby, how will we know what to do?!”

I’ve been feeling quite well- a lot of energy the last week- I’m probably in the window of energy and nesting before I get too big and tired.  Tired/sore back and heartburn are my biggest problems right now.  I did well on the trip, considering we spent 2 weeks at 8,500 ft altitude, traveled on 5 flights, 2 metros, 2 trains, and a rental car.

I’ll post some highlights and photos from the trip soon.

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