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Curious things about our new home and community

A few snippets and photos from our new home and what is like to live here:

buying fresh tortillas just about across the street, 2 for a Lempira

rain that is so loud on our tin roof that we can not even talk across the table during a storm

the many smiles and greetings that we get when we take Guillermo David out and about

the crib is extra protected- a mosquito net for mosquitoes, cups of liquid on each leg for ants and strategically placed to avoid leaks in the roof

washing clothes in the washer and hanging them to dry makes us feel very fortunate and sad when we see our neighbors carrying a bucket of water 5 blocks

getting used to new sounds: chickens, dogs, gun shots, buses, a traveling circus that was nearby for 2 weeks

getting to walk to work and eating lunch together at home

having youth stop by to say hello

observing the creative systems our friends have to trap the water from the gutters

after meeting a lot of people at the assembly last Sunday, we are running into more people we know on the street

Guillermo checks out Los Pinos from our roof

Our wash area, complete with a security gate, provides fresh air for the back of the house

Guillermo David gets his daily bath with bottled water as tap water is unsanitary

Spending time with friends in the hamaca in our back hallway

Our street

Entrance to our apartment

Favorite mode of transportation as there are few places to use a stroller


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only missing one thing…

…the baby!

Here is a quick tour of Guillermo David’s room.  I think it as turned out so cute!  The great thing is that most everything you see here is gifted or loaned, we have been so blessed by friends and family!  We found out yesterday at the Dr. that the latest he will be allowed to come is the 19th.  If I make it to 40 weeks (next Wed), I will get an ultrasound and see how things look.  If they look good, I’ll be allowed to go to 41 weeks.  If conditions are not adequate or he doesn’t arrive by 41 weeks, he will get an eviction notice.  I’m having a few more signs of early labor, so hopefully he will come around his due date.

Everything came together so cute and matching!  I found the fabric to make a cover for the couch at a fabric store after almost giving up on finding an already made sheet set.

This is the changing table Guillermo made- it turned out awesome!  A friend is making the cushion to go on top and we will find some little shelves to go underneath to hold diapers etc.  Our good friends Jose and Karla stopped by to drop off the curtains that Karla made.  They match great with some bedding I got at a baby shower in CO.

Need a little inspiration?  These are on the bedside table: a card someone gave me that I loved, a Che Guevara figure that Guillermo had, and 2 kids Bibles (not pictured).  The card says: “Just when you think you know Love, something little comes along to remind you just how Big it really is…. a beautiful little baby.”

His crib is one that many in our church community have used.  The original family’s kids are now in high school, but they have passed the crib from one family to the next.  Its previous user was Guillermo’s cousin’s daughter.  She (Jessika) is also the one who made this awesome mosquito net!  Living here we see year round bugs, so most babies use some kind of a net over the bed.  She put her finishing touches on the white net, adding the top cover and button decorations.  The poster on the wall is something Guillermo got from his dad when he was little, it says “Daddy, thanks for sharing your life with me because from the first moment, you wanted us to be friends.”  So special!

Close up of detail

Suitcase for hospital-check.  Car seat-check.  Diaper bag-check.  The cute calendar is from Tia Carmen.

His closet is organized and ready with clothes, diapers, blankets, bath stuff and more.  We’ll have to hang his welcome sign too.


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postcards from the road

A few highlights from our trip…

Guillermo climbed Long’s Peak with my dad- North Face/cable route!  They had a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky

We got to see beautiful aspen trees


We spent time with the Kim family in San Jose, CA

We saw my Grandpa and Great Uncle, whom I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

Farmhouse where my great-great-grandfather was born in Hollister, CA

We from San Jose, down Highway 1, stayed in Morro Bay and ended up in Ventura to stay with the Hodges (no pics with them, sad)



We stayed with Guillermo’s aunt and uncle in Sierra Madre, CA


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a record of events

Pictures coming soon, but for now, here is our whirlwind of a week since I last blogged:

Tuesday: work and then a dinner party at Guillermo’s boss’s house for their team (they are our neighbors and friends from church)

Wednesday: work and then dinner with Guillermo’s small group (teenage boys from Los Pinos) at Pizza Hut.  Traffic was horrible and Guillermo got out way late from a meeting, which means I got to hang out with them for a while and eat bread sticks while we waited.

Thursday: Guillermo worked at the office and I worked from home.  In the morning I went for a walk and had breakfast with some other ladies from our church who live close.  It was great-minus that I got covered in ticks which have been biting and itching all week!  In the evening we went on a surprise last minute date with Anibal and Yadira because Yadira was in town for some errands.  We were going to see a movie but ended up going to dinner instead because that night was the premier of New Moon!

Friday: I had a very short day of work because they were fumigating our office area.  I met up with Yadira for a day of girls shopping-something I haven’t done in a long time.  I picked up some crocks for Guillermo and some new juice glasses.  It was fun but tiring, I hope I don’t have to go to the mall again in December.  In the evening, we went to dinner at our friend’s Charlie and Jenny’s house.  They live far away, so it was another late night.

Saturday: We were up early, me for cooking and Guillermo for soccer.  I made sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and a big apple pie with a crumble top.  We at a quick lunch and then headed down the hill for youth group.  I didn’t go because I had a year end board meeting for work.  After that, we went to the Christmas dinner for our small group (hence the cooking).  It was great fun and we even had the treat of live music.  Several in the group are very talented or professional musicians.  With the addition of Tio Bill, who plays the flute and sax, we had live Jazz and Christmas music.

Sunday: Church, rest and oh wait, more soccer for Guillermo.  Do you see a pattern here?

The good news is that I didn’t have to cook dinner or lunch all week!  It was a rich week with friends and we feel very blessed.

This week is quiet.  Guillermo is away for work until Thursday and I have normal days at the office.  Last night my usual good night call didn’t come until I was asleep.  The culprit, soccer, despite a pending cold and tiredness from all the nights of staying up.


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shout it aloud!

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familiar faces

jovenes 064

Making friends

jovenes 061

With Fernando

jovenes 040

A happy couple

jovenes 073

Our good friends, Jose and Karla

jovenes 039

Best buds

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La Quinceñera

We attended a quinceñera party for Marlen last Saturday night.  It is a special birthday celebration for girls when they turn 15.

jovenes 033

Venus gets ready

jovenes 037

Man to man

jovenes 041

Boys club

jovenes 055

Pretty Denia

jovenes 077

Ready to make an entrance

jovenes 107

Oh the theatrics!

jovenes 148

Open air church with lights of Los Pinos in the background: beauty in the simple

jovenes 179

Birthday princess

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