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La Quinceñera

We attended a quinceñera party for Marlen last Saturday night.  It is a special birthday celebration for girls when they turn 15.

jovenes 033

Venus gets ready

jovenes 037

Man to man

jovenes 041

Boys club

jovenes 055

Pretty Denia

jovenes 077

Ready to make an entrance

jovenes 107

Oh the theatrics!

jovenes 148

Open air church with lights of Los Pinos in the background: beauty in the simple

jovenes 179

Birthday princess


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dance party

Once every three months we have a birthday party for the youth group, here are some pics:

jovenes 002

Game time

jovenes 011

DJ Memo and boys who don’t want to participate in the dance game

jovenes 013


jovenes 004


jovenes 015


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violence by the numbers

3 taxi drivers murdered by gangs this week in Tegucigalpa

10 people murdered in 2 separate incidents last weekend in Tegucigalpa

9 people murdered in Yoro (up north) today

3 other murder related articles in the “happenings” section of today’s newspaper

12 drug smuggling planes that have been caught or crashed in Honduras this year

40+ reported kidnappings in Honduras so far this year

3 girls escaped to the streets today, fleeing the government run orphanage where my office is located

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transformation possible!!

Transformation Possible!!  This was the name of the youth camp our church put on this weekend for over 100 youth, it was awesome!  Where else will you find youth from a slum neighborhood, a remote mountain community and the best bilingual schools in the city coming together to play, worship God, learn and have fun?  I think it is only through God that this kind of unity is possible.  More stories of transformation to come, but for now I am one sore, tired, energized, excited leader.

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